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General functionalities

Connect your domain.
The subscription of Clickug Basic, Clickug PRO or Clickug Business is required for professional/commercial uses.

Connect a domain to publish your site to a domain you already own ( instead of a having it at
From $19/domain/yearFrom $19/domain/yearFrom $19/domain/yearFrom $19/domain/year

Number of links per year

Maximum number of branded short links that a user can create per year from his account using his own domains.

Maximum number of personal domains that can be connected to the API.

The number of links can be created and the total authorized monthly connections will be determined after the completion of a personalized study of each case. The API service has an additional monthly cost.

Service and domains use authorization for other user accounts (exclusively for companies in the same group and subsidiaries)

Buy domains for short links for other accounts, and give them access to such functionalities.

LIMITATIONS: This option is only available for companies with national or international subsidiaries belonging to the same group of companies, or communications, marketing or advertising agency previously authorized.

Advanced management functionalities

Use free generic domains adapted to the sale of properties and vehicles in all the short links pointing to your pages at For example:,,,,,,,...

Ad free

Ad free website experience for you and those browsing your content. Information is distributed with no interfering adverts or offers from competitors or similar. Plus no adds in RSS feeds and social streams.

Clickug header

You decide whether or not you want the Clickug header to display when opening an extarnal link.

Free domains to sell, rent, services, needs and donations

Use generic free domains in the short links pointing to your sale, rental, service, need or gift.

Easy-to-use editor

Edit the information of your products or services after they are published.


Create categories and sub categories for your content or products

Clickug Extension

Use our Chrome extension or bookmarklet to share any page in seconds

Clickug Widget

Use our widget to show your categories on your website, blog or even your Facebook page.

Clickug Button

Use our button in your blog or site to allow people to start sharing your content with customized links
Social media management

Linked social network accounts

Associate your social network accounts with Clickug and post to multiple profiles at the same time. Post easily to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously!
UnlimitedUp to 20Up to 10Up to 3

Simultaneous scheduled messages

Optimize your time and manage your message scheduling to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Perfect to promote your pages for sales, rentals, services, needs, donations or recommendations.
UnlimitedUp to 40Up to 20Up to 10

Tracking mentions

Search the content published on Facebook and Twitter by keyword: Mentions of your company name, product, service, industry, ...

Social conversation management

See the comments that your posts are generating in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and interact with them from a single place.
Display and manage all the messages shared by you and others in the social networks linked to all your links. Know the activity that each comment is generating in each social network (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin).

Tracking users

Search the content published on Facebook and Twitter by keyword, by the posts of a particular user, or by usernames.


Products that you put on sale for anyone to buy them locally or remotely.


Transition to the new economic model and feature your traditional commercial products on our platform for renting. We are a launching platform to get involved in the excitement of the new collaborative economy and only for a commission of between 10%-20% of the transaction.


Add your professional or personal services for others to contact and hire you.


Do you have things you do not use or services you can provide for free? Shows your inner solidarity to improve the lives of people who live near you. List your gifts and wait for the people who need them to contact you.


Do you need a product or service and you can't find it? List your need in your window and wait for others to contact you to resolve it.


It contains all the contents from external sites that you keep and share on social networking sites.


Show the world your knowledge about a certain topic, news about your business, or personal stories about how your clients have benefited from your products or services.
Short links management

Multiple links with the same destination

Create multiple dressed links for the same destination URL that allow you to track performance of different strategies with the same objective.

Advanced searches for managing short links of recommendations

Use advanced search options by: domains, status, custom ending, categories, activity, …

Private comments to manage short links of recommendations

Add private comments to your content.

Exports data from tables

Export the data to CSV

Remove short links of recommendations

Remove links
Only if you use
your own domains
Only if you use
your own domains
Only if you use
your own domains

More free domains for short links

Use 3 domains to create short links without having to register the domains.

Customize your short links

You can customize the start and end of all your short links.
Only if you use
your own domains
Only if you use
your own domains

Links management

Manage your content conveniently in a list format and with batch actions.

Full Stats

Over 30 parameters analyzed. Your stories and short links come with detailed statistic reports on all link and news activity as they disperse.
You have complete statistics for the first 24 hours of activity of your link or news.

Then you just see COMPLETE statistics for clicks and cities.
You have complete statistics for the first 24 hours of activity for your link or news.

Then you just see two graphs with the click activity and towns, but not the details.

Private stats

Make your stats private

Chart views

Chart display options: bar, pie, line, map,...

Activity log

See a log with the latest results for each variable.


Export any table to CSV


See all the activity in real-time when you access the stats page of each individual content

Milestones alerts

Receive notification messages when visitors reach certain milestones.
Blog Post Features

Maximum blog posts #/day

This is the maximum number of texts that you can post on your blog every day.

Sub accounts

You can create separate sub accounts for each of your lines of business, products,... so your news are perfectly organized in your newsroom.

Facebook and Twitter

Placement on our Twitter and Facebook page


You can set the time and date you want for future publications, so you can program the appearance of your text according to your schedule communication.

Multimedia Blog

Add up to 10 images, 1 video, 10 podcasts and 10 files linked to each one of your blog posts.
You can only put one imageYou can only put one image

Premium blog/newsroom features

In the right column of your page of news will appear:
- Direct links to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
- Up to 24 random images from your latest news.
- Direct links to the different pages of your archive by year and month indicating the number of published news.
- Your 4 pieces of news most clicked during the last 7 days, instead of the most active news of other Clickug users.
- An interactive element with recent activity from your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the ability to interact directly from the news.
- A list of the last 10 news you have posted.

Latest news

At the end of each news the latest 10 pieces of news you have published will appear.


You can include all your news in the Recommendations section of your profile sorted by categories.


There is no limit on the number of stories posted on your blog.

Company Logo


Contact details

PDF version

All your news will be provided with a PDF version so you can save it or views it adapted to tablets or mobile phones.


All your news are available in RSS feeds


In-page share buttons


Professional print version

Typographic options

You have style and typographic options to apply to your text: bold, underline and italic

Text links

Keyword anchor text links. Link words and phrases to other websites.


Email spam protection

Permanent hosting of your news

Keep your press releases permanently.


Company website link

SEO tags

Your information is optimized for seach-engines and will often be placed high up in search results.

Invite followers

Invite people to follow your social communication profile directly

Social media distribution

During the publication of news you can make an automatic distribution to your accounts on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

All types of information

Publish your news, press releases or blog posts.


Tag your information with keywords or phrases that best describe your news to be properly indexed by Google and other search engines.


PR Live immediately after submission.

Search Engines

Your news will automatically appear in Google and Bing.

Your own domains for short links

Activate your domain

Build branded short links

Register at Clickug domains with your name, trademark or any other words to share content on social networks with short links that show your identity. The domains are automatically activated and ready to use in minutes. You do not have to worry about anything, only use them.

You can create short links with random codes or fully customized. For example:
http: //[anything].yourdomain/

Create custom short links using your domains registered on other sites

Use unlimited domains registered in other websites to create custom short links.

Clickug recommends that the domain you use to create your short links and your website are different. For example, if your website is ", your short links could use the domain "". You should only use a different extension to keep your identity.

Your profile in your own domain

The domain that you use to create short links, can also be used to show your showcase as a separate website that can be indexed by Google and where anyone can find your products, services or recommendations. Also, if you already have a website you can put your showcase in your current domain as a subdomain (eg.

Short links API

Links API
Branded Short Link API
Want to dynamically create branded short links with your domains? You can with Clickug. Connect the Clickug API to your system, and you can leverage the power of our platform everywhere you manage content.
Clickug provides link building services that allow you to dynamically create customized short links with your own domains through the Clickug API. To help you get up to speed quickly with the Clickug API, we have a detailed documentation. The Clickug Links API documentation is intended to help you understand and utilize the API.

Let us know your needs by sending an API activation request and we will give you all the information and access to our API documentation and testing environment.

Bulk link creation

Automate the creation of thousands of links per day via our API.


Use our API Sandbox to test your codes before activating them in production.

API limits

API calls limits. If you need a larger volume contact us and we will adapt to your needs.


Complete activity statistics for all your links

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