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5 de Octubre de 2017  |   Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

Curious expressions of the Spanish

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/Clickug/ Expressions that sound well The Spanish is considered by many as one of the nicest languages of the world. Probably you, that you have elected Spanish learned, also think the same thing. . They are of all kinds and for all the tastes. For it, we have decided to prepare for you a series of
expressions that sound well.

Expression that are in use daily in our country and transmit good energy and more optimists are of. These expressions are:

ser la leche ( to be the milk)
pasarlo bomba( bomb to spend it)
al mal tiempo buena cara ( to the evil time good face)
arrimar el hombro. (to bring the shoulder closer)

Ser la leche

" To be the milk " it is a way of saying that something is marvellous or very good. Nevertheless, it is not the only way of saying this. Also you can say that something or someone " is the cane " or " it is the host " .nuestro country and they transmit good energy and more optimists are of.

Pasarlo Bomba

If you go out of holiday, if you go out to spend it well and to dance with your friends and the following day someone asks you " how you spent it to yourself last night ", you will be able to say it of which " I it passed bomb ". Clear it is, as long as you were enjoying of the night, why to lie. " Bomb to spend it " it is an expression that much is in use. Specially, between the smallest of the house, between the children. Already it is known that the children amuse themselves with any thing, it they spend bomb almost in any situation. I am not a child, but I it pass bomb in each of the episodes that I record for you.

Al mal tiempo, buena cara

Already it is known, in the bad moments - to the evil time - it is necessary to extract the best of the smiles and it to encourage - of there of putting good face-. It is for it that this one is one of the most popular sayings in Spain. Even in moments of crisis it is necessary to encourage and face the problems. It is necessary to put to the evil time good expensive.

Arrimar el hombro

This expression is in use in situations in which one helps someone, in situations in which one supports a person with what it is doing. For example, if a neighbor of advanced age - goes, a major person-, it is raising the stairs of the block loaded with several bags of the purchase, it there will be necessary to help to raise the above mentioned bags up to his house. There will be necessary to bring the shoulder closer. It is the normal thing, truth? Or when someone has problems and needs help it is important that all his friends bring the shoulder closer it to help.

If you are thinking Spanish comes to Spain to learn, Malaga is a good destination. You will be charmed with his climate, his culture, his customs, his people, his gastronomy... And in the school of Spanish Solingua, they have the course of Spanish for that you look.
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5 de Octubre de 2017
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5 de Octubre de 2017 04:56
Málaga, Provincia de Málaga, Andalucía (España)
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