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  • Learn how to publish a piece of news to be distributed professionally
  • Tips on filling out the form with multiple options for releasing it
  • Distribute your news to sources like Google News and Bing News
  • See how easy it is to share across your own social networks

Step 1: General information

Try it now!

We need a few details to publish your news. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Keep in mind that items with a * next to them are required
  2. And if at any time you need help hover over the “?” next to any item on the form
  3. Add your logo for a more professional look
  4. If you have various lines of products or services, branches of a company, you can add sub accounts to organize your communication better (Clickug PRO)
  5. Once you have filled out this section scroll down to enter your news!

Step 2: Content

This is where your news gets entered into our system to prepare for publication

  1. Be sure to distinguish between these three options. Only the headline is requiered. Provide a heading or subheading if you want to include additional context for the reader (recommended).
  2. The text can be adjusted with various typographic options by selecting these buttons
  3. Preview the text at any time before the final step of publishing it
  4. Include keywords to give your news better indexing in Google and other search engines

Step 3: Additional information

These sections provide additional communication options:

  1. Delay the publication of news until the actual launch of the event at any specify time by clicking here and adjusting the date and time (Clickug PRO)
  2. The publication of news will create interest in your products or services and this contact information allows clients to reach you to do business
  3. You can add attachments to your news that will be accessible to readers (Clickug PRO)

Step 4: Customize your short link

With Clickug your story has a short link assigned by default, but you can customize it as you like with our 200+ domains or with your own one.

  1. Check out our variety of domains grouped by themes (the domains that you have most recently used, the list of free domains, and the top domains used by Clickug users)
  2. Subscribe Clickug PRO to get full access to a vast collection of domains related to communication, marketing and selling. They are designed for professional use and for obtaining more engagement.
  3. Search through our collection for a domain that you like
  4. The default domain or the one you have selected that will be used to build your short link.
  5. The Branded Short Domain is the domain that takes the place of "" or any other of the domains proposed by Clickug in a shortened URL. To start using a Branded Short Domain, click here.
    You can buy a domain at Clickug to build short links with your brand, product name, website name, etc. This has the advantage that we take care of all the technical configurations (DNS) so you can start using it without having to worry about anything. It only takes 5 minutes. To purchase your domain now visit:
  6. This step is to organize your news within your collections of categories from your profile. Select the category of your profile where you want to place this news.

Step 5: Social media distribution

With our Sharing Dashboard you have the option of sharing your news across unlimited profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Maximize your potential to make an impact.

  1. Click on any of the network icons to add you accounts or edit your existing ones.
  2. Customize the message you send
  3. Check the boxes of the accounts you want to post to

Step 6: Post your news or blog

  1. Click on global preview to check that everything looks good
  2. If you would like to start over without publishing click “new”
  3. Otherwise, if you are ready click publish.
  4. Never use the publication form to publish texts from which you don't have copyrights. Otherwise your account will be deactivated.

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