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Any piece of news, an image, a site...any content anywhere on the web can be saved and collected just by pasting the link where you found it

Step 1: Paste a link

Try it now!
  1. Paste your URL here pointing to the content you want to add.
  2. Once you paste it your long URL will automatically be transformed into a short one using this default domain. That's it! It will become part of your collection.
  3. If you want to personalize your link we give you that option! Choose from our variety of domains, customize it with a description, and toggle your link making settings (optional.) (learn more)

Step 2: Take advantage of all our options for creating customized links

  1. Check out our variety of domains grouped by themes (the domains that you have most recently used, the list of free domains, and the top domains used by Clickug users)
  2. Subscribe Clickug PRO to get full access to a vast collection of domains related to communication, marketing and selling. They are designed for professional use and for obtaining more engagement.
  3. Search through our collection for a domain that you like
  4. Option for Clickug PRO or branded domain users to fully customize the link before or after the domain with a description that you design. Links that have the potential to reflect brand identity.
  5. The default domain or the one you have selected that will be used to build your short link.
  6. Adjust the settings at any time to set your default domain and choose to create content automatically or pick a new domain every time
  7. The Branded Short Domain is the domain that takes the place of "" or any other of the domains proposed by Clickug in a shortened URL. To start using a Branded Short Domain, click here.
  8. You can buy a domain at Clickug to build short links with your brand, product name, website name, etc. This has the advantage that we take care of all the technical configurations (DNS) so you can start using it without having to worry about anything. It only takes 5 minutes. To purchase your domain now visit:

Step 3: Place it in a category

Now that you have created your content, just a quick step to put your content in a category that makes sense to you. You can always reorganize later.
  1. Choose a theme
  2. Choose a name for your category
  3. Choose the subcategory in which you would like it to be placed (optional)
  4. Select whether you want the category to be public or private

Step 4: Share it with all your social network accounts

We try to make our network open so when you create content on your site/profile you can in the same process also share it across your favorite networks with a single click
  1. The title and description of your content
  2. The image associated with your content
  3. Social networks you can share to
  4. Activity of your content on the web
  5. Like it
  6. The category of your content
  7. The link that has been saved
  8. Organize your content in categories
  9. Individual statistics of your content
  10. The privacy of your content
  11. Edit the image associated with the content
  12. Make a comment
  13. Click to see your most recent content and the number of clicks they have received
  14. Your content has already been saved. Exit to continue exploring.
  15. These icons provide shortcuts to the accounts and messages where the content has been shared on the social networks.

Change your link making settings

  1. Select whether you want the link to your content to be created automatically or if you would like to customize it
  2. Select the default domain you want to use to make your links

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