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Manage all your links with one easy to use interface

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Get to know the interface of your links management tool with these features:

  1. Click on the thumbnail to open up the sharing dashboard and use the content
  2. Edit the title of your content
  3. See or edit the description
  4. Open the link in a new tab
  5. Your link to your content
  6. The category of your content
  7. Share on social networks directly
  8. Organize categories
  9. Consult the statistics
  10. Manage all comments on your content including adding, editing, and deleting comments. You can even make private comments with Clickug PRO
  11. Copy the QR code
  12. Check the number of clicks on your link (# above) compared to the total number of clicks on that destination URL coming from all Clickug users (# below)
  13. Refresh the information about the destination URL

Learn how to manage all the different functions of your links:

  1. Select multiple pieces of content at the same time to perform batch actions
  2. Select multiple links and change their destination URL simultaneously
  3. Select multiple links and make their stats private simultaneously
  4. Select multiple links and make their stats public simultaneously
  5. Make the content private
  6. Make the stats private (Clickug PRO subscribers only)
  7. Deactivate the link (Clickug PRO subscribers only)
  8. Check the link's status as active or inactive
  9. Edit the destination URL of your customized link (only customized links)
  10. See the history of the different destinations your URL has pointed to
  11. A list of all your short links pointing to the same destination URL
  12. Adjust time period
  13. Option to list in pages or list your links continuously
  14. Export the results of your search or your entire list of links in CSV
  15. Search your links by different criteria with basic and advanced options

History of changes to the destination URL of your customized link

  1. Your customized link
  2. The period in which your customized link pointed to a certain destination URL. This could be a range or ongoing.
  3. The source of the destination URL
  4. Any attachments
  5. The destination URL where your customized link has pointed
  6. The number of visits your link has had for each period
  7. Toggle between different views: chronologically by date (current view) or alphabetically by URL (alternate view) which has the option to assign from the history of your customized link different destination URLs with just a click

Searching links to your content

The following search options provide a precise method for finding everything you’ve saved and shared

The basic search options (above) include:

  1. Search by the short link you created at the time of saving the content
  2. Search for content by the destination URL
  3. Search for content within the categories you created
  4. Search by creation date. You can select a period (24 hours, a week, a month or a year) or alternatively you can specify a range of dates when the content was created.
  5. If you are happy with the criteria you selected for finding your content click “Search”
  6. If you would like to start over click “New”
  7. If you would like to further refine your search or select from different categories click “advanced search”

The advanced search requires a Clickug PRO subscription that includes the following options:

  1. Search by expiration date within a certain period or between certain dates
  2. Narrow your search by selecting the status of the link. Hover over the icon for an explanation of each distinct status.
  3. Search by the domain of the link
  4. Search by the customized description you designed at the beginning or end of the link
  5. Domain categories narrow your search by a variety of criteria. Select “All” to not further limit your search by these criteria.
  6. Enter the Service ID, a number assigned to your purchased links
  7. Select links that are either private or public or select all
  8. Select links with stats that are either private or public or select all
  9. Select links that have been either visited or never visited or select all
  10. Select links that are general or professional (Clickug PRO) or select all
  11. Select links that are either partially dressed or fully dressed or select all. Click the "?" for an explanation of the distinction. [?]
  12. The language of the domain
  13. The number or results per page from your search

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