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  • Add your domains to create short links and display your profile on your website

Step 1: Add your domains

  1. Click here to add your domain. This must be a domain you have purchased previously.
  2. At Clickug you can buy the domains you will use to create your short links, or the personal domain that will serve to show your profile if you don't want to display it on your current website as a subdomain (e.g. To purchase your domain you must click on this link. This has the advantage that we take care of all the technical configurations (DNS) so you don't have to worry about anything. It only takes 5 minutes.
  1. Here you must select one of the two options.
    - If you select the first one, you will be able to choose between your personal domains every time you create and share a short link.
    - With the second one you can integrate your communication profile (news, links, categories,...) on your website, as the main domain (e.g. or or as a subdomain (e.g.
  2. Enter here the domain name you want to add.
    - For links: Clickug recommends that the domain you use to create your short links and your website are different. If you use your web domain for short links, your website links will not work without "www" as this is the domain used for your short links (e.g. Use a different domain for your short links. This way, the URLs of your website can continue to function with or without "www" and the short links also will work with or without "www".
    - For profile: You must bear in mind that if you want to show your profile in the top-level domain ( you can not use it at the same time to create short links. If you want to use your domain, at the same time, to show your profile and create short links you must add two domain entries in your settings page ( For example:
    1 "" for your short links.
    2 "" for your communication profile.
  3. Click here to add the domain. In the next step you will see the details of what to do to activate your domain. You will also receive instructions by email.

Step 2: Manage your domains

  1. This is the domain you've added.
  2. This column indicates the use you are doing with this domain.
  3. This is the date you added the domain.
  4. This is the domain status. If you place the cursor over the icon you can see the legend.
  5. Here you can see help notes regarding possible problems associated with your domain.
  6. This is the total number of short links that you have created with your domain. If you click on the number it opens a new page where you can see them all.
  7. Click this icon to delete your domain. When you delete a domain the short links you've created with it stop working. You can reactivate a domain at any time. In this case, the created links will start working again.
  8. Click this link to view the DNS entries that must be used with this domain.

    - To view the help page on configuring the domains used to create short links visit:
    - To view the help page on configuring the domains used to show your communication profile on your website visit:

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