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You will have your own website in a minute to show everything you sell as an individual or company and everything you share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks

  • An entire year for less than it costs you a meal
  • No need for technical knowledge or maintenance
  • No need for design skills
  • Your website is activated and ready to use in minutes
  • You can show and connect with your sales on other sites
  • With social networking features directly on your page
  • You can connect your Facebook, Twitter i Linkedin accounts
  • You can organize your content in categories
  • You will have your own blog to post unlimited texts

To stand out from the crowd is no longer enough to have a social profile on Facebook or Twitter, the projection of your personal or professional brand is basic. Clickug offers you an exclusive space for communication and sales where your customers, colleagues or friends can find you on the Internet with your own website.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you will be able to share content on social networks with your own short links, showing your name or brand, and redirect them to any page

  • You can register your domains directly at Clickug
  • You can choose from over 500 domain extensions
  • You can create unlimited short links with your domains
  • No need for technical knowledge
  • You can also use any domain you already have registered
  • You can share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin simultaneously
  • From any website thanks to our Chrome extension
  • With visitor statistics for all your short links

With Clickug you will share content on social networks with links that are both short and sexy, and without losing your identity.

Create branded short links dynamically

Connect the Clickug API to your system and automatically create alternative short links with your name or brand for all your products and other pages of your website

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